Microsoft Surface Go 2 release date, pricing and specification rumours


Microsoft’s Surface Go was one of the most compelling first-generation products in a long time. 

Of course, it was able to draw on the refinements from multiple iterations of the Surface Pro, but it offered everything most people are looking for in a convertible laptop.

Without the bells and whistles of the more expensive Surface products, it was able to keep costs down, starting at just £379.

Given that success, we’re not expecting Microsoft to deviate too much for its successor, which we assume will be called the Surface Go 2. Here’s everything we know so far.

When is the Surface Go 2 release date?

All signs point to the Surface Go 2 being unveiled alongside the Surface Book 3 at Microsoft’s Spring event.

The company typically holds two hardware events per year, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be waiting until October to get our first look at new convertibles. 

It might overlap with Microsoft’s Build developer conference, confirmed for 19-21 May, but we would be surprised if there wasn’t a standalone event. However, that may be affected by the decision to hold it as an online-only event in response to the coronavirus. 

However, in an official statement Microsoft has said the Surface line has been ‘more negatively impacted than previously anticipated’ by the outbreak. It added that the supply chain has slowed in the first quarter of 2020, which could push back the potential release of the Surface Go 2. 

How much will the Surface Go 2 cost?

Our best indicator of pricing is how much the original Surface Go cost when it was launched in August 2018. The cheapest model got you 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for £379, but we recommended everyone stepped up to the 8GB/128GB version for £509. A third variant added 4G and cost £619.

The latest leaks suggest pricing will remain relatively consistent on the next iteration of the Surface Go. Tech blogger Dan S. Charlton spotted that number of European retailers briefly published product info for a range of new Surface hardware. 

Among these was ‘Project T’ priced between €1617 and €2616, while ‘Project U’ ranges from €2234 to €3441.

Unless Microsoft releases a brand new product, it’s highly likely that these are the 13.5in and 15in variants of the new Surface Book. 

Microsoft will probably continue to sell the Type Cover separately, with the crucial accessory starting at £99.99. You’ll have to shell out another £99.99 for the Surface Pen, although that is at least compatible with all Surface devices. 

Nonetheless, the cheapest you could get the Surface Go setup below was £578. Will that change with the Surface Go 2?

What features & specs will the Surface Go 2 have?

Brad Sams at Petri has offered the most concrete leaks so far, although there is far less detail here than on the Surface Book 3. 

He says we’ll see the expected upgrade to internals, but that Microsoft will stick with the low-end Intel chips that served the original model so well. This will probably mean new Pentium Gold chips as well as a more expensive option with a Core M, but don’t expect anything from the i series. 

Sams has also indicated that the design will remain mostly the same. That means we probably won’t see a significant slimming of the bezels, but more a refinement of the form factor on the original. The magnesium-alloy finish and kickstand design is set to stay the same. 

For a device at this price point, the Surface Go had a superb display that was widely praised, so we’d be shocked if Microsoft prioritised a screen upgrade. 

Maintaining these features should mean that the type cover and pen from the original will still be compatible here, which will save almost £200 on accessories. However, current Surface Go owners might not be ready to upgrade in 2020, so we’d love to see a bundle which includes both in the box. 

Microsoft has moved to USB-C for charging the Surface Pro 7, so we really hope this makes its way to the next Surface Go. If not, an increase to the already-excellent battery life would be a welcome addition. 

As Microsoft’s entry-level 2-in-1, the Surface Go 2 will probably come running Windows 10 in S mode again. 

This prevents you from downloading apps that are not available on the Microsoft Store, but luckily there’s an easy (and free) way to switch to a full version of Windows 10.

We’ll be updating this article as soon as we know more. In the meantime, check out our monthly round-up of the best Microsoft Surface deals. 

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