Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Release Date, Price & Spec Rumours


Samsung makes some of the best tablets you can buy, especially on the Android side of the market. So what can we expect from its 2020 line-up? We take a look at when the Galaxy Tab S7 might arrive, how much it will cost and the possible specs – along with a potential S7e model.

Galaxy Tab S7 release date

Last year we saw the Galaxy Tab S5e announced in February, followed by the Galaxy Tab S6 in July – there was no full-on Tab S5 model.

Samsung’s Unpacked event on 11 February had no tablet news, but it unveiled the Galaxy S20 range, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds+.

We really liked the S5e as a more affordable, entertainment focused tablet and there is a now a replacement of sorts.

It’s a tad confusing becuase a new model – announced in April 2020 – comes under the name Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (not S6e) and is both cheaper and lower-specced than the Tab S5e. Read more about the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite here.

We expect the Galaxy Tab S7 later in the year – likely in July or August.

Galaxy Tab S7 price

Let’s assume Samsung will indeed launch a Tab S7e and flagship Tab S7. The former should be priced around the £399 mark, or maybe £379 if the firm keeps the price the same as the S5e.

The top-tier Tab S7 is more likely to come in at over £600 since it will rival the iPad Pro. It’ll be £619 if Samsung keeps the Tab S6 price or, we think, £649 if the price does go up.

Galaxy Tab S7 specs

In terms of design, we don’t expect Samsung to change much. The Tab S5e and Tab S6 share a very similar design that looks great and works well so we see no need for it to be changed.

If so we’ll be looking at a sleek metal chassis (the glass on the Tab S4 wasn’t ideal to say the least) which is very slim and light. There will likely be the same set of four speakers and a USB-C port. We would, of course, like a headphone jack, but Samsung seems to have left this behind.

Going by the S5e and S6, Samsung is likely to only offer the S Pen stylus with the flagship Tab S7 rather than the S7e if there is one. This could well attach to the back with magnets like the Tab S6, but we’d like to see it improved with a more secure fit.

This is something apparent in the only leak we can find for the Tab S7, as dodgy as it looks (below). This also shows a different screen including a punch-hole camera, probably still at 10.5in or maybe 11in with Super AMOLED tech. This does seem likely since so many Samsung phones have this feature where the camera is surrounded by the display.

We can also expect a new processor in the Tab S7 model(s) but we don’t think the memory and storage will change much as Samsung is already quite generous with it. We think the Tan S7e should get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series chip while the flagship should get the Snapdragon 865.

Other specs aren’t likely to change a huge amount such as Wi-Fi 11ac (maybe we’ll get Wi-Fi 6 11ax), Bluetooth 5.0 and an 8Mp front camera. We think, the rear camera will stick at 13Mp and the Tab S7 could also have a secondary sensor like the Tab S6. The render above shows three but we’re not convinced that Samsung will go this far on a tablet.

The difference between the S7e and S7, if that’s what Samsung does, will be a focus on productivity for the top-tier model. As previously, Samsung should offer a keyboard case and will be highlighting the benefit of its DeX software, which essentially lets you use the tablet like Windows only running on Android.

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