Samsung launches Hand Wash app for Galaxy Watch


Samsung has announced an official app for its Galaxy Watch smartwatches that reminds you to wash your hands, hoping to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

It follows a move from Google that added similar functionality to modern WearOS devices. 

The app is, sensibly, called Hand Wash and it has been quickly developed by UX and wearable teams at Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore. Samsung said they had “worked round-the-clock over the last two weeks to come up with a solution that helps you keep healthy and safe.”

When installed on a compatible device, the app periodically reminds you to wash your hands, along with a 20 second timer to keep you scrubbing for the amount of time recommended by the World Health Organisation. It times 25 seconds overall to allow for turning on taps and applying soap, and buzzes your wrist with haptic feedback when it’s time to dry up.

The app comes with an optional Hand Wash watch face and should be compatible with any Samsung Galaxy Watch branded Samsung wearable.

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