Sims 4 Snowy Escape whisks you away on a Japanese-inspired mountain vacation


The Sims 4 Snowy Escape is a massive winter vacation. 


The Sims’ 10th expansion pack, Snowy Escape, is coming to PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 13, EA Games said Tuesday. Snowy Escape introduces Mount Komorebi, a new Japanese-inspired destination world for the life simulation game. The new expansion pack comes on the heels of September’s new game pack, Star Wars: Journey to Batuu.

Mount Komorebi is the first Sims 4 world where Sims can either visit on vacation or live permanently as residents. Snowy Escape lets you take your Sims on a wild winter adventure with skiing, rock climbing and snowboarding, or on a relaxing mountain retreat with Komorebi’s bathhouses, meditation centers and peaceful walks. 

Snowy Escape has something for every Sim– even if extreme sports aren’t there thing. 


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“The Sims team is constantly exploring new ways Simmers can play with life, and The Sims 4 Snowy Escape will offer them the freedom to choose their own adventures in the new world of Mt. Komorebi,” Graham Nardone, the new expansion pack’s producer, said in a release. 

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You can check out the trailer for Snowy Escape here:

In addition to new activities, Snowy Escape brings over 130 new Create-A-Sim items, allowing you to change up your Sim’s look. Items include new winter wear, and modern and traditional Japanese-inspired fashion. Build Mode will also have new options for players to build themed creations in or out of the new world. These will include shoji doors, windows and screens, tatami mats, paper lanterns, koi fish for fountains, rock gardens and Japanese maple trees.

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Snowy Escape has a slew of new Japanese-themed building items.


Snow Escape also revamps aspects of Sims’ personalities and relationships with the Lifestyles and Sentiments feature, which should allow more realistic gameplay. Depending on your Sim’s actions and habits, up to 16 Lifestyles can manifest. This changes their behaviors, going beyond the traits players would enter in Create-A-Sim, to reflect the Sim’s lived experiences. The Sentiments feature affects the relationships between Sims — two Sims can now feel differently about the outcome of a shared experience, which can have a lasting impact on their relationship and social interactions. 

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The new expansion pack for the Sims 4 will be available on Nov. 13 for $40 (£31, AU$57). 

If you’re craving even more Sims in your life, the life simulation game was recently turned into a reality game show called Spark’d, which you can find on Buzzfeed Multiplayer’s YouTube channel. 

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